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post apocalyptic patchwork


I know, I know.. it took far too long for me to post anything from my fashion show, but I swear it is happening now!

Throughout my textiles and apparel program, I didn't focus so much on casual pieces I leaned very hard into costumes, but decided I should probably try my hand at a more wearable cosplay at least. So, I sat down and started sketching until this little one was finally sorted. Patchwork with no system and exposed seems. Oversize hood and sleeves that are far too long for any human for optimal bunching, because WHY NOT, right? (It's also made completely of upcycled fabric.)

Here is some of the more fun stuff before I'm ever allowed to sew the things.. gotta love those illustrations. Anything that allows me to use a math set at this point, though.

These sweaters are available for custom order up on my etsy right now, if you are interested just click here!

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