just a little nonesense


Coca-Colaaaaaaaa!!!! She is always adorable, the slackster herself come to life. Even though no human can possibly shrink themselves down to chiib-size, Raylene Mackey certainly did a great job with this character. Putting her on stage with only the advice to have a great time, maybe whine a little bit and sending her off with a half eaten bag of chips and cola, Umaru would be in her glee. (Although, I do still regret not sending her out with some sort of gaming controller but HOW MANY PROPS ARE TOO MANY PROPS?)


Next up, is another fun and simple cosplay. If you haven't seen any of Team Starkid's productions, do yourself a favour and change that immediately. I, of course, recommend Holy Musical B@man. Pure silliness. Whiny baby batman is actually a whiny baby for once and IN A MUSICAL. We get to see all of our super hero's a little less super and a little more lonely, (in an adorable please let me find a buddy sort of way.) AND THEY SING ABOUT IT. Need I say more? So, I mimicked the lead. Here is my best stab at a holy musical b@man.

tucker ellis